Sunday 19 November, 2017         

PSS Services to Earthquake Affected Targeting Women, Elderly, Girls, Children and Marginalized in Samundratar and Sundaradevi VDCs

With the objective of providing psychosocial support services to earthquake affected population in order to foster their mental and psychosocial wellbeing, BNMT Nepal started community level group counselling targeting women, elderly, girls, children and marginalized population in the project intervention district, Nuwakot. The orientations were conducted in different clusters living in hilly areas of two VDCs, Samundratar and Sundaradevi. The session mainly focused on stress management and coping mechanism techniques.



No. of participants


18th March

Total – 18, Female – 18,
Male – 0


19th March

Total – 25, Female – 25,
Male – 0

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